“What would we do differently if outcomes really mattered?”

That is the question that prompted the development of Outcome Based Accountability (OBA™) by Mark Friedman.  OBA is now widely used across the United States (where it is known as Results Based Accountability) and internationally, and has been adopted by many public services in the UK.  It is a disciplined way of thinking and moving from ‘talk to action’ quickly – from strategy to implementation.

We are licensed to use Outcomes Based Accountability™ methods and materials.  We have worked effectively with a wide range of organisations across the UK, and have an excellent track record in working alongside partners to use the framework to develop outcomes based ways of working.  We have trained with Mark Friedman and continue to work closely with him.

OBA is about re-focusing on the difference you are making to people’s lives – knowing where you’re heading helps you change what you’re doing.

  • It offers a framework for strategic planning and enables all stakeholders – commissioners, service providers and communities alike – to improve the lives of children, young people, families and adults
  • It helps identify the activities that will make the most difference to individuals and communities
  • It can be used to improve the performance of programmes, agencies and service systems through compelling links between service activity and outcomes for users
  • It can dramatically improve partnership working by creating a common language, shared ownership and maximising the contribution of all stakeholders.

“[OBA™] is about a different way. It is about getting from talk to action quickly. It provides a method of thinking and taking action together that is simple and common sense, that uses plain language, produces minimum paper and is actually useful to community members, managers and decision makers. It’s about making a difference, not just trying hard and hoping for the best”
Mark Friedman (from “Trying Hard is Not Good Enough” published by Trafford 2005)

We provide tailored advice and support in using the OBA™ approach to achieve practical solutions, for example:

  • facilitation of OBA workshops with partnerships and stakeholders – supporting you to identify ways to transform outcomes for local communities, and get from talk to action
  • the design and implementation of strategies to improve outcomes for identified communities
  • using OBA in commissioning
  • the development of Outcomes Frameworks and outcome based performance management

We also offer training in the use of OBA:

  • An Introduction to OBA (1 day course) – get to grips with all the key principles of OBA
  • Advanced OBA for Leaders (1 day course) – a tailored event designed around the priorities of delegates and working on specific applications of OBA. Facilitation of an ongoing OBA Leaders Group is available following the course
  • Train the Trainer (2 day course) – an intensive course to enable you to train others in your local area in OBA principles and tools