Effective partnership working lies at the heart of much public services activity.  There are a whole range of benefits in agencies working well together – at its best, partnership working can transform people’s lives and release efficiencies through shared investment.  In these tough times, it is all the more important to work collectively together to improve outcomes.

We support strategic partnerships to develop new ways of working and to focus together on how best to improve the well-being of local communities, collaborating together to deliver cross cutting agendas and integrated solutions from wherever they are in the system. We understand the complexities of working across agencies and have worked with many partnerships to build effective relationships and robust governance arrangements to enable them to work well together in a complex and challenging environment.

Effective alliances are formed when members agree to work together in a spirit of co-operation to advance common goals.  They agree to develop new values and behaviours to help define a new way of working together. They embrace a partnership with the community and know that people are happier, more resilient and more likely to make positive changes when those in positions of authority do things with them, rather than for them.

We offer:

  • facilitation of effective joint working by multi-agency strategic partnerships – strengthening partnership identity and cohesion, clarifying common purpose, common values and common language.  An agreed set of values and a clear vision of where it is heading and how, can turn a group into a highly functioning team
  • support with agreements – from facilitating strategic conversations between organisations, to developing formal governance arrangements and partnership agreements.
  • support in developing multi-agency protocols – ensuring agencies work well together both at strategic and operational levels, and have a clear understanding of accountability.