We believe that organisations in the public and voluntary sectors need strong leadership and an empowered workforce to be successful.  They also need a clear strategic direction and robust approaches to improving performance and outcomes.  Beacon C&C has expertise in both.  A winning combination for real improvement at every level.

The people at Beacon C&C have a long and successful track record of achieving positive change across the public, voluntary and social sectors. We bring together a wealth of experience in change management and leadership development.

Our expertise is combined with in-depth knowledge and experience in Children’s Services at both national and local level, enabling us to effectively support improvement and policy implementation.

We take a strengths based approach and you will find us responsive, practical and innovative. We bring clarity and big picture thinking to all our work– and a relentless focus on results.

Some of our key success factors:

  • We offer a winning combination of strategy and people expertise to achieve sustainable improvement.
  • We work alongside organisations both to develop their strategic direction, and to find workable approaches to implementation on the ground.
  • We really listen and work collaboratively with you in support of your priorities, bringing an outcomes focused approach to everything we do.
  • We offer a fresh and independent perspective, grounded in knowledge about ‘what works’ and expertise across the sectors.