Robust evidence of the difference services are actually making is vital for both commissioners and providers of services. Commissioners need to know that what is commissioned works and at what cost, and those delivering services increasingly need to evidence upfront their effectiveness and communicate the value they bring to society.

We work with commissioners designing outcomes focused performance monitoring arrangements, and with service providers designing approaches to measuring the impact of their services.

We have wide ranging experience of designing impact measurement and performance management arrangements.  Our support includes:

  • Developing high level strategic frameworks to demonstrate how well all services and resources are contributing to an organisation’s overall aims
  • Designing approaches and systems to measure service impact and monitor direction across a local area – with a particular expertise in developing Outcomes Frameworks – [link to article in News}
  • Undertaking service evaluations to identify the effectiveness of services against requirements and their impact on outcomes for service users.
  • Using Outcomes Based Accountability™ approaches, including report cards, to measure the contribution services are making to intended outcomes for communities
  • Supporting the intelligent use of data to measure what really matters and know what’s really going on
  • Taking an organisation through an SROI analysis
  • Workshops and training in a range of approaches to impact measurement.

“Beacon C&C worked with us to develop an outcomes framework for parenting and family support.  The framework will be used to underpin our Strategy to ensure that Coventry is clear about the results that it is aiming to achieve, and as a tool to inform commissioning decisions.  Carola brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to the project from working both at a national level, and with other authorities, and she has made an important contribution to Coventry’s developing work.“
SG, Policy Development Manager, Coventry City Council