What others have said

“I would like to say thank you very much for the support you have given to the team and to me over this period, which has been invaluable. Its really been a pleasure working with you (again!).”
JB, Service Director – Commissioning, Sandwell

“Thank you so much for your input and your support.  You’ve helped us think about personal, professional and team development in a very constructive way during often challenging and difficult times!”
CG, Head of Quality, Gloucestershire County Council

“I just wanted to thank you very much for your support, it really did make a difference. It’s been an excellent experience and very much valued.”
TH, Head of Service, Wiltshire Children’s Services

“My coaching sessions with Carola were interesting, challenging and in some ways transformational. I have gained a new range of strategies to improve my effectiveness both professionally and personally as a result of the sessions.  Carola was warm and welcoming and shone a light on issues through intelligent, often future orientated questions at just the right moment. Through all sessions Carola was professional and focused. She showed great care and interest in me as a person as well as care for the coaching relationship.“
SH, Senior university lecturer

“Coaching was incredibly valuable at a time when I was getting to grips with a new role. It allowed me the space, the support, and the challenge, to address specific work issues. I found that through judicious questioning and non-judgmental reflections, I was able to find my own solutions to the challenges I was facing, which was genuinely empowering.  I found the whole experience very forward looking and good for my confidence, and Carola was perceptive, encouraging, and supportive.”
TS, local authority commissioning manager

“Carola is an outstanding coach.  I am really impressed with her clear, powerful but gentle method of coaching.  She is very insightful and cuts through my stories very quickly.  The time I have spent with her led to significant progress in my work.  I highly recommend Carola.”
GG, trainer and coach

“I would say that my coaching contract with Carola exceeded my expectations. I found her non-directive style helped me really explore my goals and aspirations. This did not mean she did not challenge me – on the contrary, there were many times that I was stopped in my tracks and got me questioning myself about what I really wanted.  I will definitely be working with Carola again and have already referred her to a number of my colleagues.”
CH, Director of Learning & Development

“As a new manager, I have found coaching to be an essential learning tool.  Carola has helped me to recognise my own potential and given me the support and self belief to tackle problems rationally.  Carola’s coaching has shown me how to find the solutions to important issues and problems for myself.  For anyone who is starting a job or changing career, I would strongly recommend coaching as an ideal means to furthering your personal aims and objectives.”
TSY, Managing Director, national agency